is a manufacturer and supplier of oleochemical products. Our main activity is the manufacture of fatty acids and their derivatives such as esterquats, esters, metallic soaps, wax amides, including also natural polymers.

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Dirección Carrer Comte d'Urgell, 240 - 08036 - Unión Deriván-Italmatch (Barcelona)
Tel 607167616
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Unión Deriván-Italmatch’s Personal Care, Fabric Softeners and Plastic Additives Business Unit, a branch of multinational Italmatch Chemicals, is a leading back-integrated manufacturer and supplier of oleochemical products in a variety of sectors, such as Personal Care, Laundry, Plastics & Rubber, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, and Lubricants. Its main industrial activity is the manufacture of fatty acids, esterquats, esters, polymers, metallic soaps, PVC “One Pack” stabilizers, glycerine and wax amides. We provide RSPO MB grade products and Cosmos certification for our vegetal derivates. Most of the production takes place at Italmatch’s Zaragoza plant (Spain), other plants are Arese and Qualiano (Italy). The Business Unit also includes the Group’s wide network of plants and R&D centres based in Europe, the Americas and APAC. Our Business Unit includes the merger of several Spanish companies, including Unión Derivan, S.A. (UNDESA), that has been present in the market for almost 50 years. It is part of Italmatch Chemicals, a leading global chemical group, specialising in performance additives and solutions for water treatment & lubricants, oil & gas and plastics, flame retardants and boasts a wide product range able to fulfil the requirements of the most demanding applications, including personal care

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